Die Übersetzung von "skill" - Englisch-Wörterbuch Malaysian


noun /skil/

cleverness at doing something, resulting either from practice or from natural ability

This job requires a lot of skill.

a job or activity that requires training and practice; an art or craft

the basic skills of reading and writing.
skilful adjective ( skillful)

having, or showing, skill

a skilful/skillful surgeon
It was very skilful/skillful of you to repair my bicycle.
skilfully adverb ( skillfully)

dengan mahir
She skilfully/skillfully carved the wood.
skilfulness noun ( skillfulness)

skilled adjective

(of a person etc ) having skill, especially skill gained by training

orang yang mahir
a skilled craftsman
She is skilled at all types of dressmaking.

(of a job etc) requiring skill

a skilled trade.
skilful is spelt with -l- (not -ll-).

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