Übersetzung von “skin” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


noun /skin/

the natural outer covering of an animal or person

She couldn’t stand the feel of wool against her skin
A snake can shed its skin.

a thin outer layer, as on a fruit

a banana skin
onion skins.

a (thin) film or layer that forms on a liquid

Boiled milk often has a skin on it.
skin-diving noun

diving and swimming under water with simple equipment (a mask, flippers etc).

skin flick noun

(informal) a pornographic film.

filem porno
skinhead noun

a young man whose hair is completely shaven off, especially one who is violent and racist

Chris was the leader of a gang of right-wing skinheads.
skin-tight adjective

fitting as tightly as one’s skin

sangat ketat
skin-tight jeans
Her new sweater is skin-tight.
by the skin of one’s teeth

very narrowly; only just

sangat terhad
We escaped by the skin of our teeth.

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