Übersetzung von “sky” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


noun /skai/ (plural skies, often with the)

the part of space above the earth, in which the sun, moon etc can be seen; the heavens

The sky was blue and cloudless
We had grey skies and rain throughout our holiday
The skies were grey all week.
sky-blue adjective, noun

(of) the light blue colour/color of cloudless sky

biru langit
She wore a sky-blue dress.
sky-diving noun

the sport of jumping from aircraft and waiting for some time before opening one’s parachute.

terjun udara
sky-diver noun

penerjun udara
sky-high adverb, adjective

very high

sangat tinggi
The car was blown sky-high by the explosion
sky-high prices.
skyjack verb

to hijack a plane

menawan kapal terbang
The terrorists attempted to skyjack the plane at Athens airport.
skyjacker noun

penawan kapal terbang
skylight noun

a window in a roof or ceiling

genting kaca
The attic had only a small skylight and was very dark.
skyline noun

the outline of buildings, hills etc seen against the sky

latar langit
the New York skyline
I could see something moving on the skyline.
skyrocket verb

to rise sharply; to increase rapidly and suddenly

naik mendadak
Housing prices have skyrocketed.
skyrocket noun

a rocket firework that explodes in brilliant colourful/colorful sparks.

bunga api roket
skyscraper noun

a high building of very many storeys/stories, especially in the United States.

pencakar langit
the sky’s the limit

there is no upper limit eg to the amount of money that may be spent

tiada had
Choose any present you like – the sky’s the limit!

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