Übersetzung von “smooth” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


adjective /smuːð/

having an even surface; not rough

Her skin is as smooth as satin.

without lumps

tanpa gumpalan
Mix the ingredients to a smooth paste.

(of movement) without breaks, stops or jolts

Did you have a smooth flight from New York?

without problems or difficulties

tiada halangan
a smooth journey
His progress towards promotion was smooth and rapid.

(too) agreeable and pleasant in manner etc

terlalu licin
I don’t trust those smooth salesmen.
smoothen verb

to make smooth

Use this cream to smoothen your hands.
smoothie noun

(informal) an attractive man with a confident manner who is good at persuading people, but is not sincere and cannot be trusted

He’s a real smoothie, especially with the ladies.

a thick drink made of fruit or fruit juice mixed with yoghurt, milk, or ice

smoothly adverb

dengan lancar
The plane landed smoothly
The meeting went very smoothly.
smoothness noun

the smoothness of her skin.

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