Übersetzung von “social” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


adjective /ˈsəuʃəl/

concerning or belonging to the way of life and welfare of people in a community

social problems.

concerning the system by which such a community is organized

social class.

living in communities

Ants are social insects.

concerning the gathering together of people for the purposes of recreation or amusement

a social club
His reasons for calling were purely social.
socialism noun

the belief or theory that a country’s wealth (its land, mines, industries, railway/railroads etc) should belong to the people as a whole, not to private owners

radical socialism.
socialist noun

a person who believes in and/or practises socialism.

socialize verb ( (also socialiseBritish))

to mix socially (eg with guests at a party etc)

She enjoys socializing and making new friends.
socially adverb

in a social way

dari segi sosial
I’ve seen him at various conferences, but we’ve never met socially.
social science noun

the study of people in society.

sains sosial

one of a group of academic subjects connected with the study of people in society, for example geography, history, or politics.

sains sosial
social security noun

(British ) money that the government pays regularly to people who do not have a job or who cannot work because they are too ill or old; welfare

keselamatan sosial
He’s living on social security
(also adjective) social security benefits/payments.

(in the US) a system in which people who are working make regular payments to the government, and which pays money to old people and to people who cannot work because of illness.

bayaran keselamatan sosial
social studies noun plural

the study of people in society; social science.

pengajian sosial
social work noun

work which deals with the care of people in a community, especially of the poor, under-privileged etc.

kerja sosial
social worker noun

pekerja sosial

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