Übersetzung von “soft” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


adjective /soft/

not hard or firm; easily changing shape when pressed

a soft cushion.

pleasantly smooth to the touch

The dog has a soft, silky coat.

not loud

a soft voice.

(of colour/color) not bright or harsh

a soft pink.

not strict (enough)

You are too soft with him.

(of a drink) not alcoholic

At the party they were serving soft drinks as well as wine and spirits.

childishly weak, timid or silly

bodoh; miring
Don’t be so soft – the dog won’t hurt you.
softly adverb

dengan lembut
After falling off her horse, luckily she landed softly on the grass.
softness noun

soften /ˈsofn/ verb

to make or become soft or softer, less strong or less painful

The thick walls softened the noise of the explosion.
soft-boiled adjective

(of eggs) slightly boiled, so that the yolk is still soft

separuh masak
She likes her eggs soft-boiled.
soft-hearted adjective

kind-hearted and generous

berhati lembut
He had been given some money by a soft-hearted aunt.
soft-spoken adjective

having a gentle voice or manner

bersuara lembut
She was a soft-spoken woman with a shy smile.
software noun

(computing) computer programs, as opposed to the machines themselves (hardware)

We had problems installing the software.
softwood noun, adjective

(of) the wood of a conebearing tree eg a pine

kayu lembut
softwood furniture.
have a soft spot for

to have a weakness for (someone or something) because of great affection

lembut hati terhadap seseorang
He’s always had a soft spot for his youngest son.

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