Übersetzung von “spine” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


noun /spain/

(anatomy ) the line of linked bones running down the back of humans and many animals; backbone

tulang belakang
She damaged her spine when she fell.

something like a backbone in shape or function

tulang belakang
the spine of a book.

a thin, stiff, pointed part growing on an animal or a plant.

spinal adjective

(anatomy) of or concerned with the backbone

a spinal injury.
spineless adjective

(of an animal) having no spine; invertebrate.

tidak bertulang belakang

(of a person) having a weak character; easily dominated

orang yang tidak bertulang belakang
spineless behaviour/behavior
spiny adjective

full of, or covered with, spines

a spiny cactus.
spinal column noun

(anatomy ) a technical word for the spine; backbone

turus spina
An injury to the spinal column may cause the bones around the spinal cord to break and press against the spinal cord, causing damage to nerves.
spinal cord noun

(anatomy) a cord of nerve cells running up through the backbone.

saraf tunjang

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