Übersetzung von “sponge” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


noun /spandʒ/

a type of sea animal, or its soft skeleton, which has many holes and is able to suck up and hold water.


a piece of such a skeleton or a substitute, used for washing the body etc.


a sponge pudding or cake

We had jam sponge for dessert.

an act of wiping etc with a sponge

menyapu dengan span
Give the table a quick sponge over, will you?
sponger noun

a person who lives by sponging on others

She’s such a sponger -she’s always borrowing things from other people.
spongy adjective

soft and springy or holding water like a sponge

bersifat span
spongy ground.
spongily adverb

sponginess noun

sifat span
sponge bag noun

a small bag for carrying the things you need to wash with such as soap, a toothbrush etc.

beg span
sponge cake noun ( sponge pudding)

(a) very light cake or pudding made from flour, eggs and sugar etc.

kuih bahulu

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