Übersetzung von “spread” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


verb /spred/ (past tense, past participle spread)

to (cause to) go (often more widely or more thinly) over a surface

She spread honey thickly on her toast.

to cover (a surface with something)

She spread the bread with jam.

to (cause to) reach a wider area, affect a larger number of people etc

The news spread through the village very quickly.

to distribute over a wide area, period of time etc

The exams were spread over a period of ten days.

to open out

He spread the map on the table.
spreadsheet noun

(computing) a software program that allows data or figures to be entered and manipulated in a chart consisting of rows and columns. Spreadsheets are often used for carrying out financial calculations

The software suite includes a spreadsheet.

(computing) a chart produced using spreadsheet software on a computer

The spreadsheet shows the monthly revenue and expenses for a new business.
spread out phrasal verb

to extend or stretch out

The fields spread out in front of him.

to distribute over a wide area or period of time

She spread the leaflets out on the table.

to scatter and go in different directions, in order to cover a wider area

They spread out and began to search the entire area.

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