Übersetzung von “state” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


noun /steit/

the condition in which a thing or person is

the bad state of the roads
The room was in an untidy state
He inquired about her state of health
What a state you’re in!
He was not in a fit state to take the class.

a country considered as a political community, or, as in the United States, one division of a federation

The Prime Minister visits the Queen once a week to discuss affairs of state
The care of the sick and elderly is considered partly the responsibility of the state
(also adjective) The railways are under state control
state-controlled / owned industries.

ceremonial dignity and splendour/splendor

The Queen, wearing her robes of state, drove in a horse-drawn coach to Westminster
(also adjective) state occasions/banquets.
stately adjective

noble, dignified and impressive in appearance or manner

She is tall and stately
a stately home.
stateliness noun

stately home noun

(in Britain) a large house of historical interest in the country, especially one that the public can visit.

rumah orang besar-besar
statesman /ˈsteits-/ noun (plural statesmen)

a person who plays an important part in the government of a state.

statesmanlike /ˈsteits-/ adjective

showing the qualities of a good statesman.

bersifat negarawan
statesmanship /ˈsteits-/ noun

skill in directing the affairs of a state

kemahiran mengendali urusan negara
He demonstrated great statesmanship duting the negotiations.
get into a state

to become very upset or anxious

She got into a right state when her daughter did not come home from school at the usual time.
lie in state

(of a corpse) to be laid in a place of honour for the public to see, before burial.

diletakkan utk penghormatan terakhir
state of matter noun

(chemistry) one of the major conditions in which matter exists. Traditionally these are: solid, liquid, and gas

The transformation of one state of matter into another state is called a phase transition.

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