Die Übersetzung von "station" - Englisch-Wörterbuch Malaysian


noun /ˈsteiʃən/

a place with a ticket office, waiting rooms etc, where trains, buses or coaches stop to allow passengers to get on or off

a bus station
She arrived at the station in good time for her train.

a local headquarters or centre of work of some kind

How many fire-engines are kept at the fire station?
a radio station
Where is the police station?
military/naval stations.

a post or position (eg of a guard or other person on duty)

The watchman remained at his station all night.
stationary adjective

standing still, not moving

tidak bergerak
a stationary vehicle.
station wagon noun

(American ) a large car with a lot of space behind the back seats and a door at the back for loading and unloading; estate car (British ), estate (British)

station wagon

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