Übersetzung von “step” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


noun /step/

one movement of the foot in walking, running, dancing etc

He took a step forward
walking with hurried steps.

the distance covered by this

jarak langkah
He moved a step or two nearer
The restaurant is only a step (= a short distance) away.

the sound made by someone walking etc

derap kaki
I heard (foot) steps.

a particular movement with the feet, eg in dancing

The dance has some complicated steps.

a flat surface, or one flat surface in a series, eg on a stair or stepladder, on which to place the feet or foot in moving up or down

A flight of steps led down to the cellar
Mind the step!
She was sitting on the doorstep.

a stage in progress, development etc

Mankind made a big step forward with the invention of the wheel
His present job is a step up from his previous one.

an action or move (towards accomplishing an aim etc)

That would be a foolish/sensible step to take
I shall take steps to prevent this happening again.
steps noun plural

a stepladder.

stepladder noun

a ladder with a hinged support at the back and flat steps, not rungs.

stepping-stones noun plural

large stones placed in a shallow stream etc, on which a person can step when crossing.

batu anjakan
in/out of step

(of two or more people walking together) with, without the same foot going forward at the same time

terkeluar dari langkah
The soldiers were marching in step
Keep in step!
He got out of step.
step aside phrasal verb

to move to one side

ke tepi
He stepped aside to let me pass.
step by step


langkah demi langkah
He improved step by step.
step in phrasal verb

to intervene

campur tangan
The children began to quarrel, and I thought it was time I stepped in.
step out phrasal verb

to walk with a long(er) and (more) energetic stride.

berjalan lebih cepat
step up phrasal verb

to increase

The firm must step up production.
watch one’s step

to be careful, especially over one’s own behaviour/behavior

memberi perhatian
You’d better watch your step when the boss is in the office.

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