Übersetzung von “stick” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


verb /stik/ (past tense, past participle stuck /stak/)

to push (something sharp or pointed) into or through something

She stuck a pin through the papers to hold them together
Stop sticking your elbow into me!

(of something pointed) to be pushed into or through something

Two arrows were sticking in his back.

to fasten or be fastened (by glue, gum etc)

He licked the flap of the envelope and stuck it down
These labels don’t stick very well
He stuck (the broken pieces of) the vase together again
His brothers used to call him Bonzo and the name has stuck.

to (cause to) become fixed and unable to move or progress

The car stuck in the mud
The cupboard door has stuck
I’ll help you with your arithmetic if you’re stuck.
sticker noun

an adhesive label or sign bearing eg a design, political message etc , for sticking eg on a car’s window etc

The car sticker read ’Blood donors needed’.
sticky adjective (comparative stickier, superlative stickiest)

able, or likely, to stick or adhere to other surfaces

He mended the torn book with sticky tape
sticky sweets.

(of a situation or person) difficult; awkward

She managed to talk her way out of a sticky situation.
stickily adverb

stickiness noun

the stickiness of the chocolate cake.
stick-in-the-mud noun

a person who never does anything new.

orang ortodoks
come to a sticky end

to have an unpleasant fate or death

mati dengan tidak menyenangkan
The baddie in the film comes to a sticky end when he is eaten by sharks.
stick at phrasal verb

to persevere with (work etc)

He must learn to stick at his job.
stick by phrasal verb

to support or be loyal to (a person)

His friends stuck by him when he was in trouble.
stick it out phrasal verb

to endure a situation for as long as necessary

The film was a bit boring, but we stuck it out until the end.
stick out phrasal verb

to (cause to) project; His front teeth stick out ; He stuck out his tongue.


to be noticeable

She has red hair that sticks out in a crowd.
stick one’s neck out

to take a risk

mengambil risiko
He stuck his neck out when he complained to the manager about the working conditions in the factory.
stick to phrasal verb ( stick with)

not to abandon

We’ve decided to stick to our previous plan
If you stick to me, I’ll stick to you.
stick together phrasal verb

to (cause to) be fastened together

menjadi satu
We’ll stick the pieces together
The rice is sticking together.

(of friends etc) to remain loyal to each other

They’ve stuck together all these years.
stick up for phrasal verb

to speak in defence of (a person etc)

When my father is angry with me, my mother always sticks up for me.

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