Übersetzung von “storm” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


noun /stoːm/

a violent disturbance in the air causing wind, rain, thunder etc

a rainstorm
a thunderstorm
a storm at sea
The roof was damaged by the storm.

a violent outbreak of feeling etc

A storm of anger greeted his speech
a storm of applause.
stormy adjective (comparative stormier, superlative stormiest)

having a lot of strong wind, heavy rain etc

cuaca buruk
a stormy day
stormy weather
a stormy voyage.

full of anger or uncontrolled feeling

yang penuh dengan maki hamun
in a stormy mood
a stormy discussion.
stormily adverb

dengan perasaan marah yang meluap-luap
storminess noun

kemarahan yang amat sangat
the storminess of their relationship.
stormbound adjective

prevented by storms from continuing with a voyage, receiving regular supplies etc

stormbound ships.
stormtrooper noun

a soldier specially trained for violent and dangerous attacks.

askar penggempur
a storm in a teacup noun

a fuss made over an unimportant matter

perkara kecil
Despite all the shouting, the argument turned out to be a storm in a teacup.
take by storm

to capture by means of a sudden violent attack

menawan sesuatu dengan kekerasan
The invaders took the city by storm.

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