Übersetzung von “strain” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


verb /strein/

to exert oneself or a part of the body to the greatest possible extent

bersungguh-sungguh mencuba
They strained at the door, trying to pull it open
He strained to reach the rope.

to injure (a muscle etc ) through too much use, exertion etc

menyebabkan otot tegang; merosakkan
He has strained a muscle in his leg
You’ll strain your eyes by reading in such a poor light.

to force or stretch (too far)

The constant interruptions were straining his patience.

to put (eg a mixture) through a sieve etc in order to separate solid matter from liquid

She strained the soup.
strained adjective

(of a person’s manner, behaviour/behavior etc) not natural, easy or relaxed

a strained smile
a strained relationship between the two women.
strainer noun

a sieve or other utensil for separating solids from liquids

a coffee-/tea-strainer.
strain off phrasal verb

to remove (liquid) from eg vegetables by using a sieve etc

When the potatoes were cooked, she strained off the water.

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