Übersetzung von “succeed” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


verb /səkˈsiːd/

to manage to do what one is trying to do; to achieve one’s aim or purpose

He succeeded in persuading her to do it
He’s happy to have succeeded in his chosen career
She tried three times to pass her driving-test, and at last succeeded
Our new teaching methods seem to be succeeding.

to follow next in order, and take the place of someone or something else

He succeeded his father as manager of the firm / as king
The cold summer was succeeded by a stormy autumn
If the duke has no children, who will succeed to (= inherit) his property?
success /səkˈses/ noun

(the prosperity gained by) the achievement of an aim or purpose

He has achieved great success as an actor / in his career.

a person or thing that succeeds or prospers

She’s a great success as a teacher.
successful /-ˈses-/ adjective

(opposite unsuccessful) having success

Were you successful in finding a new house?
The successful applicant for this job will be required to start work next month
a successful career.
successfully adverb

dengan berjaya
She successfully completed the task.
succession /səkˈseʃən/ noun

the right of succeeding to a throne as king, to a title etc

The Princess is fifth in (order of) succession (to the throne).

a number of things following after one another

a succession of bad harvests.

the act or process of following and taking the place of someone or something else

his succession to the throne.
successive /səkˈsesiv/ adjective

following one after the other

He won three successive matches.
successively /-ˈsesiv-/ adverb

dengan berturut-turut
Estimates for building the new railway have become successively inflated.
successor /-ˈse-/ noun

a person who follows, and take the place of another

Who will be appointed as the manager’s successor?
in succession

one after another

five wet days in succession.

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