Übersetzung von “suspect” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


verb /səˈspekt/

to think (a person etc) guilty

Whom do you suspect (of the crime)?
I suspect him of killing the girl.

to distrust

I suspected her motives / air of honesty.

to think probable

I suspect that she’s trying to hide her true feelings
I began to suspect a plot.
suspicion /səˈspiʃən/ noun

the process of suspecting or being suspected; the/a feeling causing a person to suspect

rasa syak
They looked at each other with suspicion
I have a suspicion that she is not telling the truth.

a slight quantity or trace

There was a suspicion of triumph in his tone.
suspicious /səˈspiʃəs/ adjective

having or showing suspicion

rasa sangsi
I’m always suspicious of men like him
a suspicious glance.

causing or arousing suspicion

menimbulkan kesangsian
suspicious circumstances.
suspiciously /səˈspiʃəsli/ adverb

menimbulkan kesangsian
The two men were spotted behaving suspiciously by the police.
suspiciousness noun

menimbulkan kesangsian

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