Übersetzung von “tail” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


noun /teil/

the part of an animal, bird or fish that sticks out behind the rest of its body

The dog wagged its tail
A fish swims by moving its tail.

anything which has a similar function or position

the tail of an aircraft/comet.
-tailed suffix

having a (certain size, type etc of) tail

a black-tailed duck
a long-tailed dog.
tails noun, adverb

(on) the side of a coin that does not have the head of the sovereign etc on it

He tossed the coin and it came up tails.
tail-end noun

the very end or last part

the tail-end of the procession.
tail light noun

the (usually red) light on the back of a car, train etc

lampu belakang
He followed the tail lights of the bus.
tailwind noun

a wind coming from behind

angin sorong buritan
We sailed home with a tailwind.
tail off phrasal verb

to become fewer, smaller or weaker (at the end)

His interest tailed off towards the end of the film.

(also tail away) (of voices etc) to become quieter or silent

semakin tdk kedengaran
His voice tailed away into silence.

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