Übersetzung von “talk” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


verb /toːk/

to speak; to have a conversation or discussion

We talked about it for hours
My parrot can talk (= imitate human speech).

to gossip

You can’t stay here – people will talk!

to talk about

bercakap ttg
They spent the whole time talking philosophy.
talkative /ˈtoːkətiv/ adjective

talking a lot

suka bercakap
a talkative person.
talking book noun

a book recorded on cassette or disc for blind people, for those with reading problems etc.

buku yg direkodkan utk org buta
talking head noun

a TV personality.

talking point noun

something to talk about; a subject, especially an interesting one

tajuk perbincangan
Football is one of the main talking points in my workplace.
talk show noun

(American ) a television or radio programme on which (usually famous) people talk to each other and are interviewed

rancangan temu bual
He presents a talk show on the radio.
talking-to noun

a talk given to someone in order to scold, criticize or blame them

I’ll give that child a good talking-to when he gets home!
talk back phrasal verb (often with to)

to answer rudely

menjawab cakap
Don’t talk back to me!
talk big

to talk as if one is very important; to boast

bercakap besar
He’s always talking big about his job.
talk down to phrasal verb

to speak to (someone) as if he/she is much less important, clever etc

menghina sso melalui percakapan
Children dislike being talked down to.
talk (someone) into / out of (doing) phrasal verb

to persuade (someone) (not) to do (something)

memujuk sso supaya
He talked me into changing my job.
talk over phrasal verb

to discuss

We talked over the whole idea.
talk round phrasal verb

to persuade

I managed to talk her round.

to talk about (something) for a long time without reaching the most important point

bercakap berbelit-belit ttg sst
We talked round the question for hours.
talk sense/nonsense

to say sensible, or ridiculous, things

bercakap sst yg benar/ karut
Don’t talk nonsense
I do wish you would talk sense.
talk shop

to talk about one’s work

bercakap ttg kerja
We agreed not to talk shop at the party.

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