Übersetzung von “tall” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


adjective /toːl/

(of people and thin or narrow objects such as buildings or trees) higher than normal

a tall man/tree.

(of people) having a particular height

John is only five feet tall.
tallness noun

the tallness of the skyscrapers.
a tall order noun

something very difficult to do

tugas yg agak mustahil
Finding somewhere for fifty children to stay tonight is rather a tall order.
a tall story noun

a story which is hard to believe

cerita yg sukar dipercayai
He is always telling tall stories.
tall is used especially of people, and of other (narrow) upright objects: a tall girl, tree, building . high is used of objects that are a long way off the ground, or reach a great height: a high shelf, diving-board, mountain, wall .

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