Übersetzung von “tape” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


noun /teip/

(a piece of) a narrow strip or band of cloth used for tying etc

bundles of letters tied with tape.

a piece of this or something similar, eg a string, stretched above the finishing line on a race track

pita penamat
The two runners reached the tape together.

a narrow strip of paper, plastic, metal etc used for sticking materials together, recording sounds etc

pita perekat
adhesive tape
insulating tape
I recorded the concert on tape.

a tape-measure.

pita ukur
tape measure noun ( measuring tape)

a length of eg plastic, cloth or metal tape, marked with centimetres, metres etc for measuring.

pita ukur
tape recorder noun

a machine which records sounds on magnetic tape and reproduces them when required.

perakam pita
tape record verb

merakamkan sst dlm pita rakaman
tape recording noun

rakaman pita
a tape recording of the interview.
tapeworm noun

a long flat worm that can live inside the intestines of humans and animals as a parasite

cacing pita
(also adjective) a tapeworm infection.

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