Übersetzung von “tax” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


noun /tӕks/

money, eg a percentage of a person’s income or of the price of goods etc taken by the government to help pay for the running of the state

income tax
a tax on tobacco.

a strain or burden

The continual noise was a tax on her nerves.
taxable adjective

liable to be taxed

boleh dicukai
taxable income/goods.
taxation noun

the act or system of taxing

property taxation
(also adjective) taxation rates.
taxing adjective

mentally or physically difficult

a taxing job.
tax-free adjective, adverb

without payment of tax

bebas cukai
tax-free income.
taxpayer noun

a citizen who pays taxes

pembayar cukai
The exhibition is funded by the taxpayer.
tax (someone) with phrasal verb

(formal) to accuse (a person) of

I taxed him with dishonesty.

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