Übersetzung von “tear” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


noun /tiə/

a drop of liquid coming from the eye, as a result of emotion (especially sadness) or because something ( eg smoke) has irritated it

tears of joy/laughter/rage.
tearful adjective

inclined to cry or weep; with much crying or weeping

hendak menangis
She was very tearful
a tearful farewell.

covered with tears

dibasahi air mata
tearful faces.
tearfully adverb

keadaan sso yg hendak menangis
They tearfully said goodbye to each other.
tearfulness noun

keadaan mudah menangis
tear gas noun

a kind of gas causing blinding tears, used against eg rioters

gas pemedih mata
The police used tear gas against the protesters.
tear-stained adjective

marked with tears

mempunyai kesan air mata
a tear-stained face.
in tears

crying or weeping

She was in tears over the broken doll.

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