Übersetzung von “technical” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


adjective /ˈteknikəl/

having, or relating to, a particular science or skill, especially of a mechanical or industrial kind

a technical college
technical skill
technical drawing.

(having many terms) relating to a particular art or science

’Myopia’ is a technical term for ’short-sightedness’.

according to strict laws or rules

a technical defeat.
technicality /-ˈka-/ noun (plural technicalities)

a technical detail or technical term

istilah teknikal
Their instructions were full of technicalities.

a (trivial) detail or problem, eg caused by (too) strict obedience to laws, rules etc

alasan-alasan teknik
I’m not going to be put off by mere technicalities.
technically adverb

in a technical way; He described the machine in simple terms, then more technically .

secara teknikal

as far as skill and technique are concerned

dr segi teknik
The pianist gave a very good performance technically, although she seemed to lack feeling for the music.

according to strict obedience to laws or rules

berdasarkan alasan-alasan teknik
Technically, you aren’t allowed to do that, but I don’t suppose anyone will object.
technician /-ˈniʃən/ noun

a person who has been trained to do something which involves some skill, eg with a piece of machinery

One of our technicians will repair the machine.

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