Die Übersetzung von "test" - Englisch-Wörterbuch Malaysian


noun /test/

a set of questions or exercises intended to find out a person’s ability, knowledge etc; a short examination


something done to find out whether a thing is good, strong, efficient etc

a blood test.

an event, situation etc that shows how good or bad something is

a test of his courage.

a way to find out if something exists or is present

a test for radioactivity.

a test match.

perlawanan antarabangsa
test match noun

in cricket, (one of) a series of matches between teams from two countries.

perlawanan antarabangsa
test pilot noun

a pilot who tests new aircraft.

juruterbang ujian
test-tube noun

a glass tube closed at one end, used in chemical tests or experiments.

tabung uji

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