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definite article /ðə, ði/

(The form /ðə is used before words beginning with a consonant eg the house , ðəhaus or consonant sound eg the union , ðəˈjuːnjən; the form , ði is used before words beginning with a vowel eg the apple , ði ˈapl or vowel sound eg the honour , ði ˈonə /)


used to refer to a person, thing etc mentioned previously, described in a following phrase, or already known

Where is the book I put on the table?
Who was the man you were talking to?
My mug is the tall blue one
Switch the light off!

used with a singular noun or an adjective to refer to all members of a group etc or to a general type of object, group of objects etc

I spoke to him on the telephone
He plays the piano/violin very well.

used to refer to unique objects etc, especially in titles and names

the Duke of Edinburgh
the Atlantic (Ocean).

used after a preposition with words referring to a unit of quantity, time etc

In this job we are paid by the hour.

used with superlative adjectives and adverbs to denote a person, thing etc which is or shows more of something than any other

He is the kindest man I know
We like him (the) best of all.

(often with all) used with comparative adjectives to show that a person, thing etc is better, worse etc

He has had a week’s holiday and looks (all) the better for it.
the … the …

(with comparative adjective or adverb ) used to show the connection or relationship between two actions, states, processes etc

The harder you work, the more you earn.

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