Übersetzung von “think” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


verb /θiŋk/ (past tense, past participle thought /θoːt/)

(often with about) to have or form ideas in one’s mind

Can babies think?
I was thinking about my mother.

to have or form opinions in one’s mind; to believe

He thinks (that) the world is flat
What do you think of his poem?
What do you think about his suggestion?
He thought me very stupid.

to intend or plan (to do something), usually without making a final decision

I must think what to do
I was thinking of/about going to London next week.

to imagine or expect

terfikir; berharap
I never thought to see you again
Little did he think that I would be there as well.
thinker noun

a person who thinks, especially deeply and constructively

ahli fikir
He’s one of the world’s great thinkers.
-thought-out suffix


telah dirancang
a well-thought-out campaign.
think better of

to think again and decide not to; to reconsider

tdk jadi
He was going to ask for more money, but he thought better of it.

to think that (someone) could not be so bad etc

ingat kamu tidak sejahat itu
I thought better of you than to suppose you would do that.
think highly/well/badly etc of

to have a good, or bad, opinion of

memuji, mencaci
She thought highly of him and his poetry.
think little of / not think much of

to have a very low opinion of

tidak menghargai
He didn’t think much of what I had done
He thought little of my work.
think of phrasal verb

to remember to do (something); to keep in one’s mind; to consider

You always think of everything!
Have you thought of the cost involved?

to remember

I couldn’t think of her name when I met her at the party.

(with would, should, not, never etc) to be willing to do (something)

I would never think of being rude to her
He couldn’t think of leaving her.
think out phrasal verb

to plan; to work out in the mind

He thought out the whole operation.
think over phrasal verb

to think carefully about; to consider all aspects of (an action, decision etc)

memikirkan masak-masak
He thought it over, and decided not to go.
think twice (often with about)

to hesitate before doing (something); to decide not to do (something one was intending to do)

berfikir dua kali
I would think twice about going, if I were you.
think up phrasal verb

to invent; to devise

It was Paul who thought up the idea of organizing a protest
He thought up a new process.
think the world of

to be very fond of

sangat menyayangi
He thinks the world of his wife.

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