Übersetzung von “tie” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


verb /tai/ (present participle tying, past tense, past participle tied)

(often with to, onetc) to fasten with a string, rope etc

He tied the horse to a tree
The parcel was tied with string
I don’t like this job – I hate being tied to a desk.

to fasten by knotting; to make a knot in

He tied his shoelaces.

to be joined by a knot etc

The belt of this dress ties at the front.

to score the same number of points etc (in a game, competition etc)

Three people tied for first place.
be tied up

to be busy; to be involved (with)

I can’t discuss this matter just now – I’m tied up with other things.

(with with) to be connected with

bersambung dgn
The whole affair is tied up with politics.
tie (someone) down phrasal verb

to limit someone’s freedom etc

membataskan kebebasan
Her work tied her down.
tie in phrasal verb ( tie up)

to be linked or joined (logically)

This doesn’t tie in (with what he said before).

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