Übersetzung von “tin” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


noun /tin/

(chemistry ) (symbol Sn) an element, a silvery white metal

Is that box made of tin or steel?

(also tin can) (British ) a container, usually for food, made of tin-plate, thin sheets of iron covered with tin or other metal

a tin of fruit
a biscuit tin.
tinned adjective

(of food) sealed in a tin for preservation etc

dalam tin
tinned foods.
tinfoil noun

tin or other metal in the form of very thin sheets, used for wrapping etc

kerajang timah
I’m going to bake the ham in tinfoil.
tin opener noun

(British ) any of several types of tool or device for opening tins of food; can opener ( American)

pembuka tin

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