Übersetzung von “tooth” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


noun /tuːθ/ (plural teeth /tiːθ/)

any of the hard, bone-like objects that grow in the mouth and are used for biting and chewing

He has had a tooth out at the dentist’s.

something that looks or acts like a tooth

the teeth of a comb/saw.
teethe /tiːð/ verb

(of a baby) to grow one’s first teeth

tumbuh gigi
He cries a lot because he’s teething.
toothed adjective

having teeth

a toothed wheel.
toothless adjective

without teeth

tdk bergigi
a toothless old woman.
toothy adjective

showing a lot of teeth

a toothy grin.
toothache noun

(medical) a pain in a tooth

sakit gigi
He has / is suffering from toothache.
toothbrush noun

a brush for cleaning the teeth.

berus gigi
toothpaste noun

a kind of paste used to clean the teeth

ubat gigi
a tube of toothpaste.
toothpick noun

a small piece of wood, plastic etc for picking out food etc from between the teeth.

pencungkil gigi
be/get etc long in the tooth

(of a person or animal) to be, become etc, old

I’m getting a bit long in the tooth to climb mountains.
a fine-tooth comb noun

a comb with the teeth set close together, for removing lice, dirt etc from hair etc.

sisir rambut
a sweet tooth noun

a liking for sweet food

gemar makanan manis
My friend has a sweet tooth.
tooth and nail

fiercely and with all one’s strength

They fought tooth and nail.

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