Die Übersetzung von "two" - Englisch-Wörterbuch Malaysian


noun /tuː/

the number or figure 2.


the age of 2.

dua tahun
two- prefix

having two (of something)

a two-door car.
two-faced adjective


suka bermuka-muka
a two-faced person.
two-handed adjective, adverb

(to be used, played etc) with two hands

dgn dua tangan
a two-handed stroke.
twosome noun

two people; a couple

They usually travel in a twosome.
two-way adjective

able to act, operate, be used etc in two ways or directions

dua hala
two-way traffic
a two-way radio.
two-year-old noun

a person or animal that is two years old.

dua tahun
in two

(broken) in two pieces

The magazine was torn in two.

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