Übersetzung von “tyrant” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


noun /ˈtairənt/

a cruel and unjust ruler

orang yg zalim
The people suffered under foreign tyrants.
tyrannical /tiˈrӕnikəl/ adjective (also tyrannous /ˈtirənəs/)

of or like a tyrant

a tyrannical ruler
His actions were tyrannous.
tyrannically adverb ( tyrannously)

dgn zalim
tyrannize /ˈti-/ verb ( ( also tyranniseBritish))

to rule or treat (a person or people) cruelly and unjustly

He tyrannizes his family.
tyranny /ˈti-/ noun (plural tyrannies)

an action, or the method of ruling, of a tyrant

People will always resist tyranny.

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