Übersetzung von “vote” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


noun /vəut/

(the right to show) one’s wish or opinion, eg in a ballot or by raising a hand etc, especially at an election or in a debate

In Britain, the vote was given to women over twenty-one in 1928
Nowadays everyone over eighteen has a vote
A vote was taken to decide the matter.
voter noun

a person who votes or has the right to vote

How do voters choose one candidate over another?
vote of confidence noun

a vote taken to establish whether the government or other authority still has the majority’s support for its policies

undi percaya
The Prime Minister faces a vote of confidence.
vote of thanks noun

an invitation, usually in the form of a short speech, to an audience etc to show gratitude to a speaker etc by applauding etc

ucapan terima kasih
Mrs Jackson proposed a vote of thanks to the organizers of the concert.

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