Übersetzung von “warm” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


adjective /woːm/

moderately, or comfortably, hot

agak panas
Are you warm enough, or shall I close the window?
a warm summer’s day.

(of clothes) protecting the wearer from the cold

baju panas
a warm jumper.

welcoming, friendly, enthusiastic etc

baik hati, peramah, mesra
a warm welcome
a warm smile.

tending to make one hot

menjadi panas
This is warm work!

(of colours/colors) enriched by a certain quantity of red or pink, or (of red etc) rich and bright

a warm red
I don’t want white walls – I want something warmer.
warmly adverb

dengan panas
She greeted us warmly.
warmness noun

kemesraan, kepuasan, kehangatan
the warmness of their welcome.
warmth // noun

the state of being warm

the warmth of the fire
The actor was delighted by the warmth of the applause
The warmth of her smile made me feel welcome.
warm-blooded adjective

(biology) having a blood temperature greater than that of the surrounding atmosphere

berdarah panas
warm-blooded animals such as man.

enthusiastic; passionate

bersemangat, ghairah, berdarah muda
When I was young and warm-blooded, I was passionate about many things that don’t interest me now.
warmed-over adjective

(American) warmed up or heated again

panaskan semula
warmed-over soup.

(American ) (of a story, idea etc) that has been heard many times before so that it is no longer interesting or relevant

warmed-over action film clichés
warmhearted adjective

kind and affectionate

baik hati
a warmhearted old lady
a warmhearted action.
warmheartedness noun

ketulusan hati
warm up phrasal verb

to make or become warm

The room will soon warm up
Have a cup of coffee to warm you up.

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