Übersetzung von “weather” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


noun /ˈweθə/

conditions in the atmosphere, especially as regards heat or cold, wind, rain, snow etc

The weather is too hot for me
stormy weather
(also adjective) a weather chart/report, the weather forecast.
weathering noun

(geology) any of the various chemical or physical changes to rocks caused by the action of the rain, sun, or wind

lulu hawa
Cracks in the rock have widened due to weathering.
weatherbeaten adjective

showing effects of exposure to the weather

a weatherbeaten face.
weathercock noun ( weathervane)

a piece of metal (often in the form of a farmyard cock), placed on top of a building, which turns to show the direction of the wind.

mata angin
weather forecast noun

a description on the radio, television, or Internet of what the weather will be like for a period of time in the near future

ramalan cuaca
The weather report said that it would be sunny tomorrow.
weather forecaster noun

someone whose job is to study the weather conditions and report on what it will be like in the near future.

pegawai kaji cuaca
weather front noun

a boundary that separates two air masses with different density and temperature characteristics, and which is the main cause of meteorological events

pemuka cuaca
There is a chance of snow in the capital as a warm weather front coming from the west meets cold weather from the east.
weatherperson noun

(also weather forecaster; weatherman; weathergirl) a person who gives weather forecast on television or radio.

penyampai ramalan kaji cuaca
make heavy weather of

to find it very (often unnecessarily) difficult to do (something)

bersusah payah membuat sesuatu
She’s making heavy weather of typing that letter.
under the weather

in poor health

rasa tidak sihat
I’ve been feeling under the weather this week.
weather refers to climate: fine weather. whether is a conjunction: Do you know whether he is coming?

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