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noun /web/

a type of trap for flies etc made of fine silk threads, spun by a spider etc

sarang labah-labah
a spider’s web.

the skin between the toes of a waterfowl.

webbed adjective

(of ducks’ etc feet) joined between the toes by a web.

berkulit selaput
webbing noun

a tough woven fabric used in making belts, straps, upholstery etc.

web browser noun

(computing) a software program that allows users to find and look at documents on the Internet.

pelayar web
webcam noun

(computing) a video camera connected to a computer that allows its images to be seen in real time over the Internet

kamera web
Webcams are easy to install and straightforward to use.
web-footed adjective ( web-toed)

having webbed feet.

kaki yg berselaput
web page noun

(computing) a page or document that is usually part of a website and is connected to the World Wide Web.

halaman web
website noun

see site.

laman web
World Wide Web noun

see WWW.

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