Übersetzung von “wise” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


adjective /waiz/

having gained a great deal of knowledge from books or experience or both and able to use it well.

bijaksana; arif; berpengalaman


You would be wise to do as he suggests
a wise decision.
wisely adverb

dengan arif; dengan bijaksana
She wisely decided not to marry him.
wisdom /ˈwizdəm/ noun

bijaksana; kebijaksanaan; kearifan
Wisdom comes with experience.
wisdom tooth /ˈwizdəm-/ noun

(anatomy ) any one of the four back teeth cut after childhood, usually about the age of twenty.

gigi geraham bongsu
wisecrack noun

a joke

gurau senda
He sat at the back of the class and made wisecracks.
wise guy noun

(informal ) a person who (shows that he) thinks that he is smart, knows everything etc.

orang yg pandai sangat
be wise to

to be fully aware of

menyedari sesuatu
He thinks I’m going to give him some money, but I’m wise to his plan.
none the wiser

not knowing any more than before

kurang arif
He tried to explain the rules to me, but I’m none the wiser.
put (someone) wise

to tell, inform (someone) of the real facts.

memberitahu seseorang dari fakta yang sebenar

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