Übersetzung von “with” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


preposition /wið/

in the company of; beside; among; including

bersama; dengan
I was walking with my father
Do they enjoy playing with each other?
He used to play football with the Arsenal team
Put this book with the others.

by means of; using

dengan menggunakan
Mend it with this glue
Cut it with a knife.

used in expressing the idea of filling, covering etc

Fill this jug with milk
He was covered with mud.

used in describing conflict

dengan; digunakan dalam menerangkan konflik
They quarrelled with each other
He fought with my brother.

used in descriptions of things

digunakan untuk menerangkan sesuatu
a man with a limp
a girl with long hair
a stick with a handle
Treat this book with care.

as the result of

kerana; disebabkan
He is shaking with fear.

in the care of

Leave your case with the porter.

in relation to; in the case of; concerning

Be careful with that!
What’s wrong with you?
What shall I do with these books?

used in expressing a wish

Down with fascism!

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