Übersetzung von “wood” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


noun /wud/

(also adjective) (of) the material of which the trunk and branches of trees are composed

My desk is (made of) wood
She gathered some wood for the fire
I like the smell of a wood fire.

(often in plural) a group of growing trees

They went for a walk in the woods.

a golf-club whose head is made of wood.

diperbuat dari kayu
wooded adjective

(of land) covered with trees

hutan kecil
a wooded hillside.
wooden adjective

made of wood

diperbuat daripada kayu
three wooden chairs.
woody adjective

covered with trees

woody countryside.

(of a smell etc) of or like wood

bau seperti kayu
the woody smell of truffles.
wood carving noun

the art of carving wood.

kayu pengukir
woodcut noun

a print made by pressing a block of wood with design cut on it onto paper.

potongan kayu
woodcutter noun

a person whose job is felling trees.

pemotong pokok
woodland noun

land covered with woods

hutan jarang
a stretch of woodland.
woodlouse noun (plural woodlice)

a tiny creature with a jointed shell, found under stones etc.

kutu kayu
woodpecker noun

a type of bird which pecks holes in the bark of trees, searching for insects.

burung belatuk
wood pulp noun

pulp from wood that can be used for making paper.

pulpa kayu
woodwind /-wind/ noun

(music) (in an orchestra, the group of people who play) wind instruments made of wood.

alat tiup kayu
woodwork noun

the art of making things from wood; carpentry

kerja pertukangan kayu
He did woodwork at school.

the wooden part of any structure

bahagian berkayu
The woodwork in the house is rotting.
woodworm noun (plurals woodworm, woodworms)

the larva of a certain type of beetle, which bores into wood and destroys it.

ulat kayu; bubuk
out of the wood(s)

out of danger

keluar dari bahaya
They’re not out of the woods yet – there are still a lot of enemy tropps in the surrounding areas.

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