Übersetzung von “wrong” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


adjective /roŋ/

having an error or mistake(s); incorrect

The child gave the wrong answer
We went in the wrong direction.

incorrect in one’s answer(s), opinion(s) etc; mistaken

I thought Singapore was south of the Equator, but I was quite wrong.

not good, not morally correct etc

It is wrong to steal.

not suitable

tidak sesuai
He’s the wrong man for the job.

not right; not normal

tidak kena
There’s something wrong with this engine
What’s wrong with that child – why is she crying?
wrongful adjective

not lawful or fair

tidak adil atau tidak menurut undang-undang
wrongful dismissal from a job.
wrongfully adverb

dgn cara yg tidak adil
He was wrongfully accused of stealing the money.
wrongfulness noun

kesalahan; ketidakadilan
wrongly adverb


tidak betul
The letter was wrongly addressed.


dengan cara yang tdk adil
I have been wrongly treated.
wrongdoer noun

a person who does wrong or illegal things

The wrongdoers must be punished.
wrongdoing noun

kesalahan; kejahatan
do (someone) wrong

to insult (someone), treat (someone) unfairly etc.

melayan sso dgn tdk adil
do wrong

to act incorrectly or unjustly

berbuat tidak betul
You did wrong to punish him.
go wrong

to go astray, badly, away from the intended plan etc

tidak menjadi
Everything has gone wrong for her in the past few years.

to stop functioning properly

The machine has gone wrong – I can’t get it to stop!

to make a mistake

membuat kesilapan
Where did I go wrong in that sum?
in the wrong

guilty of an error or injustice

She is completely blameless. You’re the one who’s in the wrong!

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