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youthyouth hosteller

noun, noun /juːθ/ (plural youths /juːðz/)

(the state of being in) the early part of life

masa muda
Enjoy your youth!
He spent his youth in America.

a boy of fifteen to twenty years old approximately

anak muda
He and two other youths were kicking a football about.

young people in general

orang muda
Some people say that today’s youth has/have no sense of responsibility.
youthful adjective


The boy looked very youthful.

energetic, active, young-looking etc

cergas dan muda sentiasa
Exercise will keep you youthful.

of youth

orang muda
youthful pleasures.
youthfully adverb

seperti orang muda
youthfulness noun

youth hostel noun

a place for young people, especially hikers, on holiday, where cheap and simple accommodation is provided.

asrama belia

penghuni asrama belia
youth mentor noun

someone who gives guidance and is like a big sister/brother to a young person who has social problems or is retarded.

pembimbing rakan sebaya

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