Die Übersetzung von "any" - Englisch-Portugiesisch-Wörterbuch


determiner, pronoun uk /ˈen·i/ us /ˈen·i/

A1 used in questions and negative statements to mean ‘some’

algum, alguma, nenhum, nenhuma
Is there any cake left?
I haven’t read any of his books.

A1 used to mean ‘one’ when it is not important which one

qualquer, qualquer um, qualquer uma
Any of those shirts would be fine.
adverb uk /ˈen·i/ us /ˈen·i/

B1 used in questions and negative statements before a comparative adjective to make the sentence stronger

um pouco, nada
Do you feel any better?
I can’t walk any faster.

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