Die Übersetzung von "glow" - Englisch-Portugiesisch-Wörterbuch


noun [ no plural ] uk /ɡləʊ/ us /ɡloʊ/

a soft, warm light

brilho, resplendor, incandescência
the warm glow of the moon

a pink colour on your face that makes it appear happy and healthy

Sam’s face had lost its usual glow.
verb uk /ɡləʊ/ us /ɡloʊ/

to produce a soft, warm light

brilhar, incandescer-se
toys that glow in the dark

to have a warm and healthy appearance

irradiar saúde
She glows with health.
glow with happiness, pride, etc.

to feel very happy, proud, etc.

irradiar felicidade, orgulho, etc.
Glowing with pride, she showed me her painting.

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