Übersetzung von “guess” — Englisch–Portugiesisch Wörterbuch


verb uk /ɡes/ us /ɡes/

A2 to give an answer or opinion about something without knowing all the facts

Guess how old he is.

A2 to say something that is right without knowing all the facts

How did you guess I was pregnant?
guess what? informal

A2 used before telling someone something interesting or surprising

Guess what? We’re going to Hawaii!
I guess

B1 used when you think something is probably true

eu acho
I guess you’re angry with me.
I guess so/not

used when you agree or disagree but are not completely certain about something

suponho que sim/não
‘It would be better to buy a new car than to try to fix this one.’ ‘Yeah, I guess so.’
noun uk /ɡes/ us /ɡes/

B1 an attempt to give the right answer when you are not certain

How old do you think John is? Go on, have a guess.

an opinion that you have formed by guessing

My guess is she probably won’t come.

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