Übersetzung von “inside” — Englisch–Portugiesisch Wörterbuch


adverb, preposition uk /ˌɪnˈsaɪd/ us /ɪnˈsɑɪd, ˈɪnˌsɑɪd/

A1 in or into a room, building, or container

dentro (de)
There were some keys inside the box.
I’m cold – let’s go back inside.

If you have a feeling inside, people do not know about it if you do not tell them.

no interior
She looked calm but was feeling nervous inside.
adjective uk /ˌɪnˈsaɪd/ us /ɪnˈsɑɪd, ˈɪnˌsɑɪd/

in or on the part of something under its surface

This jacket has an inside pocket.
noun uk /ˌɪnˈsaɪd/ us /ɪnˈsɑɪd, ˈɪnˌsɑɪd/
the inside

the part of something that is under its surface

a parte interior
The inside of her house is nice.
inside out

If a piece of clothing is inside out, the part that is usually outside is on the inside.

ao avesso
You’ve got your sweater on inside out.
know something inside out

to know everything about something

conhecer algo como a palma da mão
Let Meg drive – she knows these roads inside out.

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