Übersetzung von “loud” — Englisch–Portugiesisch Wörterbuch


adjective uk /laʊd/ us /lɑʊd/

A2 making a lot of noise

alto, forte, sonoro
a loud noise
a loud voice
loudly adverb /ˈlaʊd·li/ /ˈlɑʊd·li/


alto, com força, sonoramente
They were all talking loudly.
loudness noun [ no plural ] /ˈlaʊd·nəs/ us /ˈlɑʊd·nəs/

intensidade, força, sonoridade
adverb uk /laʊd/ us /lɑʊd/

B1 in a way that makes a lot of noise

alto, forte
Could you speak louder, please?
out loud

B1 If you say or read something out loud, you say or read it so that other people can hear you.

em voz alta
I had to read the poem out loud in front of the whole class.

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