Übersetzung von “off” — Englisch–Portugiesisch Wörterbuch


adverb uk /ɒf/ us /ɔf/

A2 not touching or connected to something

fora, embora
I was dancing on the table and nearly fell off.
The tiles came off very easily.

A2 not operating or being used

Make sure you switch your computer off.

A2 not at work or school

ausente, de folga
I had three months off after my son was born.
He’s off this week – I think he’s on holiday.

B1 away from a place or position

embora, distante
He ran off to find his friend.
The next petrol station is some way off.

B1 If a price has a certain amount of money off, it costs that much less than the usual price.

de desconto
There’s 40 percent off this week on all winter coats.
preposition uk /ɒf/ us /ɔf/

A2 not touching or connected to something

fora de
Keep off the grass!
A button came off my coat.

A2 not at work or school

ausente de
I was off school for a month.

near to a building or place

perto de
an island off the coast of Brazil
adjective uk /ɒf/ us /ɔf/

If food or drink is off, it is not now fresh and good to eat or drink.

This milk smells off.

(Übersetzung von “off” aus dem Cambridge Englisch–Portugiesisch Wörterbuch © Cambridge University Press)