Übersetzung von “OK” — Englisch–Portugiesisch Wörterbuch


exclamation also okay uk /əʊˈkeɪ/ us /oʊˈkeɪ/ informal

A1 used when agreeing to do something or when allowing someone to do something

tudo bem!
‘Let’s meet this afternoon.’ ‘OK.’
‘Can I use the car?’ ‘OK.’

A2 used to check that someone understands or agrees to something

I’ll see you at six o’clock, OK?

A2 used as a way of showing that you are going to take action, start speaking, or start something new

OK, if you’re ready we’ll start.
OK, let’s go.
adjective, adverb also okay uk /əʊˈkeɪ/ us /oʊˈkeɪ/ informal

A1 safe or healthy

bom, bem
Is your grandmother OK now?

A2 good enough

bom, aceitável
Is your food OK?

A2 allowed

Is it OK if I leave early today?

A2 in a satisfactory way

Did you sleep OK?

(Übersetzung von “OK” aus dem Cambridge Englisch–Portugiesisch Wörterbuch © Cambridge University Press)