Die Übersetzung von "shut" - Englisch-Portugiesisch-Wörterbuch


verb uk /ʃʌt/ us /ʃʌt/ present participle shutting, past tense and past participle shut

A2 to close something, or to become closed

Shut the door.
He lay back and shut his eyes.
The door shut with a bang.

A2 When a shop, restaurant, etc. shuts, it stops serving customers and does not allow people to enter.

The museum shuts at four o’clock on Fridays.
keep your mouth shut informal

to stop talking

Just shut your mouth and stop whining!

Phrasal Verb (n)

adjective uk /ʃʌt/ us /ʃʌt/

B1 closed

We had to keep the windows shut because of the fire next door.
Her eyes were shut, but she was still awake.

B1 When a shop, restaurant, etc. is shut, it is not serving customers.

The banks are shut now.

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