Übersetzung von “way” — Englisch–Portugiesisch Wörterbuch


noun uk /weɪ/ us /weɪ/

A2 how you do something

maneira, modo, forma, jeito
I need to find a way to help him.
We looked at different ways of solving the problem.

A2 the route that you take to get from one place to another

I must buy a newspaper on the way home.
on the way

A2 while you are going from one place to another

no caminho
I must buy a newspaper on the way.

B1 a particular choice, opinion, belief, or action, especially from among several possibilities

maneira, modo, forma, jeito
I don’t like the way she dresses.

B1 a direction something faces or travels in

This bus is going the wrong way.

B1 an amount of space or time

caminho, tempo
We’re a long way from home.
The summer holidays are still a long way off.
by the way

A2 used when you say something new or on a different subject

a propósito, por sinal, aliás
By the way, my name’s Julie.
Oh, by the way, I forgot to buy the milk.
way of life

B1 the way in which a person lives

estilo de vida
Stealing became a way of life for him.
no way informal

B1 certainly not

nem pensar!, de jeito nenhum!
‘Will you lend me some money?’ ‘No way!’
in a way/in many ways

used to say that you think something is partly true

de certo modo, de muitas formas
In many ways she was right.
give way to something

When one thing or feeling gives way to another one, it changes to that one.

transformar-se em algo, ceder a algo
My excitement gave way to fear when I drove a car for the first time.
be on her, my, its, etc. way

to be arriving soon

estar a caminho
She just called – she’s on her way.
be/get in the way (of something)

to be in a place where you are stopping someone from working

atrapalhar (algo)
That cat is always getting in the way.

to stop someone from doing or continuing with something

atrapalhar (algo)
Don’t let football get in the way of your studies.
be under way

to be already happening

estar acontecendo agora, estar em andamento
Building work is already under way.
give way

If something gives way, it falls because it is not strong enough to support the weight on top of it.

Suddenly the ground gave way under me.
make your way

to move somewhere, often with difficulty

abrir caminho
We made our way through the shop to the main entrance.
get/have your own way

to get what you want, although it upsets other people

conseguir/fazer do jeito que se quer
She cries until she gets her own way.

(Übersetzung von “way” aus dem Cambridge Englisch–Portugiesisch Wörterbuch © Cambridge University Press)